Helios | 10 trends that are shaping the world's transition to solar and renewable energy
Here are 10 trends that are shaping the world's transition to solar and renewable energy.
solar energy trends
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3 Trends to Watch Going Forward

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You can’t ignore renewable energy anymore—it’s the only way forward. Three trends to watch are energy storage systems; smart micro-grids; and, not surprisingly, “the future of transportation”—electric vehicles.





Off-Grid School in Australia 100% Solar Powered

Atlantis Beach Baptist College bannerAustralia’s sunniest state capital—Perth, in Western Australia—has now produced the country’s first off-grid school powered entirely by solar. Atlantis Beach Baptist College opened in February 2017, initially running on diesel generators to avoid the cost of connecting to the grid. In October 2018, the college switched to solar, reducing its annual carbon emissions by 35,000 kilograms.



10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About a Record-Breaking Year for Renewables

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With an increased need for electricity comes an increased demand for solar energy and battery storage. And with this comes a fall in price that not only makes environmental sense for businesses, but economic, too. So which countries are leading the investments in solar energy? According to a 2017 REN21 Renewables Global Status report, China, Europe and the United States accounted for 75% of these investments.