Helios | Solar Power Rooftop Microgrids Hong Kong Singapore Asia-Pacific
We design/develop solar power solutions for rooftops and buildings in Hong Kong, Singapore and offer alternatives such as microgrids in the Asia-Pacific region.
solar power
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Rooftop and Building Integrated Solar PV

sky scrapers and solar panels

Studies suggest that rooftop solar in cities like Hong Kong and Singapore has the potential to generate as much as 10% of the cities’ electricity consumption.  Building facades also offer meaningful potential for solar power given recent technological advances and cost reductions.

Helios develops rooftop and BIPV solar installations in Hong Kong. We’re particularly passionate about the power of our work in schools to change behavior and shape the opinions of tomorrow’s decision makers. Thoughtfully designed solar installations in schools provide an exceptional opportunity for students to experience and interact with solar, battery storage and demand-side management in the context of their daily lives.

Solar Microgrids in Remote Communities

For thousands of remote communities and small islands throughout the Asia-Pacific region, diesel generators and kerosene lamps are the main sources of power and light. The cost of transporting diesel to these remote locations often results in a cost of power that can be 3-4x higher than conventional power from the grid in a large city.

Helios designs and delivers cost effective solar alternatives for these remote applications, including solar with battery storage and solar-diesel microgrids.


Helios arranges financing for solar and other renewable energy projects under development through an international network of investors. We assist developers to raise equity and debt or sell projects in their pipeline.